School Reviews

My son, was going to be a 5th grader... and he was struggling in several areas, very shy and emotionally fragile... You see he has a IEP & he also looks pretty different (Yet Cool) bc of a autoimmune disease. My son has always tried is best in school (Private Education from K-4), falling short in reading was a major concern bc both his dad and myself struggled with reading as children. After trying to get two different private schools to accommodate my son's delay in processing information, I gave up on a private education. I applied to the school lottery in hopes of getting my son into a tier 1 school, who could support him holistically. The day finally came and he was accepted to KIPP NE Academy! I was Excited and Nervous at the same time, bc this was a bigger school. I was worried about him making friends and possibly being teased about his condition. I sat in on the first days of school... I listened for hours to see if I'd made the right decision. Two things happened on the first week that I'll never forget... My son was addressed as a young king (royalty), which meant the school helped build character! My son was smiling everyday I picked him up and he wanted to go back! I was impressed, but it wasn't until I noticed that he was becoming more confident and outspoken after about three months in KIPP. My child who was this shy fellow, would tell me how he told jokes and the children laughed and he was happy! I use to practically have to drag this kid to school! My son who never really wanted to go to school said, "Mom...Come on you are going to make me late!" "Do you know what happens to ppl who are late?" I now make sure we get an early start so he wont have detention :-). My son showed remarkable improvement in reading, his fluency was up and he read daily, without me having to make him do it. The school gives my son support for his social emotional development, reading ... u name it, they make sure the child grows in it! My son today is more articulate, loves learning, seems happier & most importantly he is better emotionally. My son even went to the Sneaker Ball and said, "I danced with my friends!" Tearing up I was in love with KIPP! A couple months ago my son wanted me to drive him by the KIPP Collegiate HS. I did it... He said, "I'm going to go there after NE Academy, then college!" #COLLEGEBOUND #KIPPEFFECT