School Reviews

Stuart-Hobson is a welcoming, supportive, inclusive, and well rounded school. The new principal is a gem! His creative positive energy has brought such joy and confidence to the teachers, students, and culture of the school. The well rounded offerings of the school are stellar: music, sports, art, drama. The drama productions are phenomenal, with kids doing everything: acting, set design, lights, and sound! The school is small and such a safe environment socially that the kids feel the freedom to really engage and try everything. Academically, my son (who prefers to take the easy route) is being pushed in a super supportive way, that he even was encouraged to skip a grade in math! So now he'll finish Algebra 1 as a 7th grader, and the transition went smoothly. My biggest regret is that the school is only 6th through 8th grade! I wish our kids could stay for many more years!

i want my child to go to this middle because has a parent i think this will be the right school for him and the best, so i hope he can go here and to get better learn out of it. think you.

Stuart-Hobson Middle School is one of the best schools in the DMV- metropolitan area. Our school is very diverse, and academically structured for each student to achieve his or her goal. We are up for every challenge that any organization has to offer. We appreciate the wonderful teachers that teach our students. We also appreciate help from the parents and the community.

Stuart-Hobson is a great choice for Middle-School in DC. There is diversity, as well as quality and the staff is extremely dedicated.

My school is the average school you go to everyday. Its fun filled learning and programs can help students achieve their goals. Others should know that this school has different ethnic groups and has a rich culture. i like that is has science and math programs and help for students who need it most. consider talking your child to this school. i school is already improve with programs and interior. THANK YOU!!!!!! ^_^