School Reviews

My school got great people that want to learn and get education and really need some new textbooks because we used the one's from last year and that's not fair

There is no structure at this school whatsoever. Higher ups are getting fat paychecks and kids are getting grades and gift cards for doing absolutely nothing. It is a sad state of affairs and a great example of the travesty of DC Schools and their horrible reputation.

The current 2012 administration is a hot mess! Since Principal Allen was let go, this school is out of control. Acting Principal Pianim is biased toward her ineffective staff and favortisim is blatant. The senior class still has no idea where, when,or what to expect by JUNE and it is March. I agree with so many other parents that Options needs Mr Allen back ASAP! Until the current admin changes there DO NOT ENROLL YOUR CHILD! Parents have truly given up and it shows.

This school has a lot of growing to do. The place is not strict enough and not enough homework is assigned for the students to get through to the next level.