School Reviews

WMST recently became an International Baccalaureate (IB) school which continues to demonstrate quality & excellence! They offer strong AP courses as well. Congratulations!

WMST Public Charter High School is a great school. As a parent of two current WMST students, I have witnessed the high quality of education and the nurturing environment that this school provides for its students. The teachers have high expectations for the students and work hard to assist the students in meeting those expectations and requirements. They also help students during the lunch period and after school. The administrators, as well as the staff, are especially caring and competent individuals. I have had very good experiences with the school and I would definitely send my younger children there.

This is not a good school. Students dont care to work. Campus is one tiny building next to KFC and McDonalds with 2 floors. and 1 hallway on each floor. They have no sports programs except for basketball and they are pretty bad. Only good thing i can say is that there are a couple good teachers but its not worth it at all. If you are trying to go to a good public school go to Wilson or McKinley and if you are trying to go to a good private go to Gonzaga which is nearby or DeMatha. Teachers are good though.

I was a student at WMST a year ago. I graduated in 2008. It would not have been possible without the teachers and administrators there who helped me succeed. I highly recommend this school to any parent searching for a great High school for their child.