School Reviews

The drama and music programs in the Wheatley campus help to take the students' boundless energy and put it to work on positive projects that push the kids be confident, proud of themselves, their school and their community. Their teacher Mr. Scott Slay has been a huge part of making this happen. He is very young. He acts as if no situation is too difficult for him. He is patient and caring but firm and has high expectations for each student. He spends a lot of his own money to make learning fun and empowering. He gets big grants too. We are really lucky to have this wonderful teacher at Wheatley.

Great school in one of the more suburban-like areas of Washington, DC. The teachers are great and many live in the area. In the years ahead, this school will prove to be a powerhouse institution in DC.

The school gets better every year. I appreciate how well the after care program has come together. My son's 3rd grade teacher was great. She stayed in constant contact with me throughout the year as far as my son's progress. It was rather concerning to me that NO ONE in her class made the honor roll though. The school needs a tougher policy on bullying. My child was the victim of bullying several times last year and it seems that Mr. Cartland is too lenient and really doesn't care, nor is his intrest fixing the problem. Bullying is SERIOUS and should never be swept under the rug. The school counselor (Ms. Little) dresses a little too provocatively for my liking, but for the most part, the staff is great!

While Wheatley's proficiency is increasing, someone else is taking credit for it: Turnaround for Children Inc. Turnaround has been in the school but a couple of years but is claiming credit for five years of proficiency increases at Wheatley Education Campus.

I Love this school. My daughter graduated from there last year. Now my son is goin to 4th grade. The Teachers Entire Staff & Principal are very involved & that is wonderful. Keep up the good work. Thanks for being there

I give Wheatley 5 stars because the staff and administration at this school are some of the best educators in the nation. They work hard and long! They are committed to providing their students the best education possible! The school is improving and the staff works very hard to make sure every student is learning to their potential!

i was a student here and the principle is wonderful really respectful kind and well just great the teachers are also magnificent that i'm going to say the student are but then again they aren't as bad as they seem and don't classify them as ghetto! they are NOT ghetto! maybe some student are some take to much advantage but there are some who are uncontrollable but at least they try all of my friends who went there learned and they miss the school my opinion its a good school better then most. the area.....not so good apart from that its a good school

it was a grate school i love how the kids respect the teachers and love how they do they work and i love the how the principal run things

The curriculum here is way below standard. The teachers do not challenge the students that are above others in class which I believe hinders the child. The childrens behavior is ridiculous they use more profanity than any adult I know. I would not suggest sending any child to this Ghetto School.