School Reviews

My children attend Friendship Blow Piece and their grades really improved from the last Public School that they attended. One of my children has an IEP. The school is doing everything to help him meet his goals and his confidence is back up!!! This school also has great structure! -Proud Parent

Thus school has really gone down hill. My child has been at this school since 2010 and I have always loved Blow Pierce until this year. Most of the staff in his school including the principle lacks communication. The teachers are rude to the parents. Some teachers refuse to discuss with parents about the development of their children unless it's during the parent teacher conferences. I had a meeting with the principle and vice principal and they were both over 10 minutes late to the meeting. Because of the location of the school some of staff feel that the parents don't care about their child's education. I'm really debating on whether or not my child will be attending their next year.

friendship blow pierce charter school is one of the best schools out here today. This is my child second year at this school

Oh me oh my! I absolutely love love Friendship. From love to education to learning without limitations this school is what you NEED. I had personal issues and didnt know how my child or myself was going to make it and when I say teachers and staff go out their way to ensure that you and your child will be ok, these people made it happen. My child went from Pre-K and is still enrolled in Friendship and I wouldn't want it any other WAY! Bring your kids here if you want to see change and have them go to college! My oldest child is now a pharmacist, graduate of University of Texas because of FRIENDSHIP PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my grandson's first year at Blow Pierce I and find that the school has challenging academic programs. Blow Pierce has strong leadership. I recommend this school to other parents that would like to see an improvement in behavior and classwork, I rate this school 4 stars.

my kids came to this school from another friendship campus (Chamberlain) & I actually like the other campus better...the kids have no type of freedom...its like boot camp

The students that attend Blow Pierce benefit from high quality instruction but the disciplined and only environment is no longer present. The structured environment of the school has disappeared and the teacher are leaving because of the disruptive students which makes it hard to teach. The teachers are very dedicated and do an excellent job but they can't do it alone. I just hope that the remaining teachers return because outstanding teachers are very hard to fine.