School Reviews

Great school in one of the more suburban-like areas of Washington, DC. The teachers are great and many live in the area. In the years ahead, this school will prove to be a powerhouse institution in DC.

As a alumni of Eastern Highschool. My decision to put my son in Eastern was the easiest. With the guidance from Mr. Chisulm and other teachers that care My son has improved tramendously. I love Easter High

okay so after reading the negative comments, i decided to post. like all inner city schools, there's definitely a struggle. it's what you make it, i'm an alumni from the 04 class. i can talk about the 'bad' or elaborate on the good, no one ever seems to look at the positive side. Eastern in my opinion, was a great school they definitely prepared me for college (which i graduated one of the best in 08). try it out, look at the bigger picture, i've been out for 5 years and still have pride in my school. E-Ball for life! c/o 04