School Reviews

We have three students @ Ludlow Taylor (5th, 2nd and K) and have been really happy with the school. From the moment you walk in, the vibe is a safe, caring and nurturing place for all students. While academics come first we've also really liked Food Prints, Art and Music. The community of families around this school make it amazing. The PTO organizes great events like Pancakes & Literacy Night, Thanksgiving, International Night etc.

We have a preschooler at Ludlow Taylor and we are very happy with our experience at the school. The principal and teachers are engaged and responsive, the specials program (featuring art, music, P.E., Spanish, library, and the Foodprints program which teaches cooking using freshly grown vegetables from the L-T garden) is amazing. The parents are very involved and the involvement really makes a difference in raising funds for extracurriculars, bringing in new clubs, and interfacing with the broader DCPS system. It is a kind and caring community and we feel lucky to be part of it.

We have a first grader and a pre-K student at Ludlow-Taylor. The school is a positive place with a diverse student body and dedicated teachers who stick around. The new principal is effective and receptive to feedback from the community. The specials teachers are very talented, especially the music and art teacher. When I go into any school I look to see what is on the walls. When you walk into Ludlow-Taylor, you see student work expressed through art and writing that is beautiful, creative, and promotes learning. My daughter (1st grade) says that she "very much" wants to say through fifth grade.

We have two children at Ludlow Taylor, the older child is in 4th grade. We are very excited for this year. It's been an awesome start.

We love it! We have two kids there (Pre-K 3 and Kindergarten) and have had a great experience. Especially the art and music teachers are absolutely excellent! But also all the other teachers we've had have been very dedicated, warm-hearted, and passionate about their profession and the kids. The new playground is fantastic and for sure the best that can be currently found on Capitol Hill!

This school has a very dedicated parent body and the facility has been upgraded. The campus is a whole city block and has a good playground and ball fields.

I have a child in Kindergarten at Ludlow Taylor. All of the staff has been extremely helpful. His teacher is amazing. Everything is well organized and the communication is great between the school and parents. It is like night and day from the public charter school that we transferred from. It is also in a very nice neighborhood.

We are in our 2nd year at Ludlow-Taylor - with 1 child in PK3 and 1 in 1st grade. The teachers are excellent. We especially love the music and art which fills the halls everyday. Everything about LT is positive and (amazingly) keeps getting better. The kids also love the Foodprints program - growing fresh food in gardens at Ludlow-Taylor and learning how to prepare healthy & yummy meals.

Terrific staff and students! Enroll your children soon! This school is near Capitol Hill and H Street!

Our child is entering PK4 and we love the school. Test scores are consistently on the rise, we have a dynamic new principal and very engaged parents. We hope to send our younger child when she is ready in 3 years. Definitely a school with positive energy and a bright future!