School Reviews

This school has a very dedicated parent body and the facility has been upgraded. The campus is a whole city block and has a good playground and ball fields.

I have a child in Kindergarten at Ludlow Taylor. All of the staff has been extremely helpful. His teacher is amazing. Everything is well organized and the communication is great between the school and parents. It is like night and day from the public charter school that we transferred from. It is also in a very nice neighborhood.

We are in our 2nd year at Ludlow-Taylor - with 1 child in PK3 and 1 in 1st grade. The teachers are excellent. We especially love the music and art which fills the halls everyday. Everything about LT is positive and (amazingly) keeps getting better. The kids also love the Foodprints program - growing fresh food in gardens at Ludlow-Taylor and learning how to prepare healthy & yummy meals.

Terrific staff and students! Enroll your children soon! This school is near Capitol Hill and H Street!

Our child is entering PK4 and we love the school. Test scores are consistently on the rise, we have a dynamic new principal and very engaged parents. We hope to send our younger child when she is ready in 3 years. Definitely a school with positive energy and a bright future!

I love Ludlow-Taylor! I was thinking that after my daughter comes out of preschool I would want to transfer her, but I'm beginning to love the transformation. The renovated school, the teachers are great, and the children love each other. Great environment so far.

We are an in-boundary PS-3 family and absolutely love the school. With the renovation, the facility is just beautiful. They have all the latest equipment (smartboards, etc.) and are generally well funded (I asked my child's teacher if she needed help with any classroom materials because I understand a lot of teachers pay out of pocket, and she said she had received everything she asked for and more before school started!) The kids spend a ton of time playing outside. Aftercare is divided by grade and staffed by some of the teachers, and my child loves it. At least at the ECE level, there is lots of diversity, both socioeconomically and racially, which we consider to be a big plus. Based on the talks at ECE Back to School Night, there are tons of parents pitching in to make the school an amazing place, so there is a culture of getting involved. I really don't know what more I could want in a school, and hope to stay there through 5th grade.

I love everything about Ludlow-Taylor! It's beautiful new building, amazingly outfitted child-centered classrooms, and friendly staff. It's like the Disneyland of preschool education. I can't say enough good things about our teacher. A 25-year veteran of early childhood education she exudes a level of calm and grace that is unparalleled. I would say the majority of the early childhood education students come from the immediate neighborhood. It's been the perfect environment for my child and our family.

Ludlow Taylor has surprised me in so many positive ways, I am uber pleased. The funding they've obtained for technology upgrades, the teachers that they've brought in for their science program, and the celebration of diversity through the arts are just a few examples. If there is one thing that I would improve, it would be really driving student retention up from the Pre-K programs to cross over into Kindergarten and the other grade levels. Many cap. hill parents take advantage of this school for the reggio emillia pre-k program and then pull their kids out before reaching kindergarten for fear the higher grades are not up to par. I can attest that our child's education has been nothing but first rate. There is strong community involvement, the principal's leadership is apparent in the behavior of the students, and our teachers in the Kindergarten and 1st grade really keep the children on task and engaged with an eagerness to learn. Please consider Ludlow-Taylor as a public school choice and PLEASE let it REMAIN your choice.

We recently moved to the Hill and have 2 kids at LTES. It has been a wonderful experience. The teachers have been great, the academics are strong, and the atmosphere is nurturing. I have nothing but positive things to say about our experience here. It is what a good elementary education should be.