School Reviews

I love Miner Elementary School because you have a great impact on my kids & my daughter loved the school so much and she loves her teachers in fact my three-year-old don't even go to the school yet and she loves it can't wait til she get in there that's the only school I am recommending for my baby because it's teaching my 6 year old to be independent it motivates her to want to read on her own and do her work on her own

Everything change for the better teacher n principal environment is great school clean security is excellent all my kids graduate out of except my last 2 My oldest 4 did I love miner

My daughter just completed Pre-K at Miner and we've been very satisfied with our experience at the school. My daughter has had an excellent teacher and teaching assistant and has grown tremendously in her two years in the early childhood program. Despite what we hear about the school from neighbors who don't attend, I feel very fortunate to be a part of this school's community. I would encourage anyone interested to look beyond the test scores, talk with the teachers, visit the school and then make a decision about whether or not it's the right place for your child. There's a growing PTO and a great desire to have families involved.

i am a former student at Miner i went there sense i was about 3 years old and graduate about 3 years ago the teachers are great and fun and attending there made me experience alot of fun and interesting things : )

The turn over rate is high. However the activities and academics are still challenging for most kids. Some teachers are new but show great promise. My kids cry when they have to stay home on sick days.

The academic program at the school has fallen tremendously since the retirement of the former principal, Mrs. Tillman. Although the level of parent evolvement remains the same this isn't the same school in which I enrolled my child in last year. The grounds were extremely secured and monitored at all times and there was a 100% security check upon entering the school.Recently I have walked on the premises several times and wasn't required or asked to present and ID. I am very disappointed in the new methods and the lax behavior of the faculty. Hopefully this is just an adjustment process.